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Cima grande Lavaredo

normal way

A day dedicated to mountaineering on one of the most impressive walls in the Dolomites! Come and discover the majesty of the three peaks: together we will reach the summit of the Cima Grande at 2999 meters! The normal route of the Cima Grande di Lavaredo develops on the south face along a winding path that follows ledges, small walls and chimneys exploiting the weakest points of the wall. The summit cross will give you a priceless view and emotion… guaranteed!



Where do we start from?

From the Auronzo refuge (Auronzo di Cadore - toll road for the 3 peaks).


How long will it take?

The trip will last a total of 6-8 hours.

In addition to clothing and suitable for the high mountains, you will need to have a harness and helmet with you. It is possible to rent all the equipment upon notice to the Alpine Guide.


How much?

380 € 1 person - 550 € 2 people.



From June to September.


What difficulty will the exit have?

The total altitude difference of about 700 meters, the progression in short rope on rock, the exposure and the length of the itinerary require adequate physical preparation for people who have already faced mixed terrain of 3 degrees. Overall difficulty: very high.

What material will I need to have with me?

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