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in the moonlight

Treat yourself to a different evening in the silence of the mountains, in the silence of the evening, a walk in the moonlight ... to breathe a different atmosphere and rediscover the wild nature of the Dolomites! The brightness of the moon and snow will allow us to proceed for long stretches without the use of torches: along the way we will be able to see the shadows of the peaks, projected on a blanket of brilliant snow! Guaranteed emotions ..!


Where do we start from?

To be defined according to the conditions of the snowpack.


How long will it take?

The activity will last a total of about 4 hours.


What difficulty will the exit have?

The activity is suitable for anyone with even minimal training (from 10 years upwards).


What material will I need to have with me?

Snowshoes, boots as well as suitable clothing. It is possible to rent all the equipment upon notice to the Alpine Guide.


How much?

30 € / per person (35 with snowshoe rental).



From December to April.

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