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Small Settsass from

Andraz Castle

From the Andraz Castle, we will ski up an incredible open valley to the top of the Piccolo Settsass: between woods and alpine meadows, in a place with unique views along the Settsass chain.

The exposure and the larch forest will often give us fun and easy descents in the dust of the Fodom!



Where do we start from?

Near the town of Andraz (Livinallongo del Col di Lana-Bl).


How long will it take?

The exit foresees a total time of about 4-5 hours.


What difficulty will the exit have?

The total altitude difference of about 700 meters and the gentle slopes are also suitable for not very trained skiers who want to start practicing this discipline.


What material will I need to have with me?

Mountaineering skis, sticks, boots, skins, artva, shovel, probe, as well as suitable clothing and personal food. It is possible to rent all the equipment upon notice to the Alpine Guide.


How much?

80 € per person (min.3 people).



From December to April.

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