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ice climbing

Discover the thrill of climbing an ice waterfall in an enchanted place at the foot of the Marmolada! The Serrai di Sottoguda are a natural park dug by the waters of the Pettorina stream: here in winter waterfalls of different development and difficulty form, a real natural ice-park! If you want to try your hand at this adrenaline-fueled sport in complete safety, we are waiting for you to try the progression in piolet tracion!


Where do we start from?

From the small village of Sottoguda (Rocca Pietore - Bl).


How long will it take?

The activity will last a total of about 5/6 hours.


What difficulty will the exit have?

Given the variety of waterfalls present within the Serrai, the proposal is open to the beginner (who wants to start) up to the more experienced glider (who wants to improve their technique).


What material will I need to have with me?

Harness, crampons, boots and helmet, as well as suitable clothing. It is possible to rent all the equipment upon notice to the Alpine Guide.


How much?

Depending on the activity requested: starting from 80 € per person (min.3).



From December to March.

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