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Via ferrata


An unforgettable day along the via ferrata "alleghesi" between the walls and the crags of the Civetta! Without doubt one of the most exciting and longest via ferratas in the Dolomites, a fantastic opportunity for those who cherish the desire to reach the 3220 meters of its imposing peak. From the summit cross the efforts will be rewarded by emotions and incomparable views ...!


Where do we start from?

From the Coldai refuge (if you want to sleep the night before in the refuge) or alternatively from Piani di Pezze (Alleghe).


How long will it take?

The activity will last a total of about 10/12 hours.


What difficulty will the exit have?

Given the difference in height (about 1200 m), the approach, the progression on the via ferrata and the long return by the normal route require suitable physical preparation. For people already used to long routes who have already done other via ferratas.


What material will I need to have with me?

Harness, boots and helmet, as well as suitable clothing. It is possible to rent all the equipment upon notice to the Alpine Guide.


How much?

1 person 360 € - 2 people 190 € (each) - 3 people 150 € (each).



From June to September.

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